About Polite Organization

Our organization is a government-recognized non-governmental organization. The main objective of the establishment of this institution is very much flowed from Article 14 and Article 21 of the Indian Constitution which talks about equality of opportunities in the society and freedom for the person to live a dignified life. It has been a continuous effort of our organization to make every person of the society aware and committed towards social evils prevalent in the society such as corruption, superstition, casteism, racism, rape, rape, rape and murder, unemployment etc.

Our organization through its various programs is duty-bound in building a happy, healthy and prosperous India. Every section of society has a role in the center of our programs.

In which unemployment for youth, elimination of honor for women, their participation for training and modern society for self-employment and for the most experienced person of the society (old age), the benefits of their dedicated schemes for governance, health testing and their contribution and contribution to society Every effort is being made by different programs to give respect to.

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