What is gaj kesari yog benefits?

What is gaj kesari yog benefits? Gajakesari Yoga is one of the most favorable yoga for a person caused by the planetary mingling of Jupiter and the Moon. It is believed that it brings about sharp intellectual abilities and immense prosperity in one’s life. The person with this yoga will be highly loved and respected by the people around him.

How activate Gaj Kesari Yog? Hence the presence of Jupiter in 4 out of 12 houses of a horoscope leads to the formation of this Yoga. It means that randomly, every third person is having Gaj Kesari Yoga in his horoscope.

How rare is Gaj Kesari Yog? This yoga with this position of Jupiter is found in 20 to 33% of the people’s chart. Rishi Parashar says if Gajakesari yoga is created, Jupiter should not be retrograde or aspected by any malefic planet in the chart. Note: The position of Jupiter in Kendra from Moon is not so important.

Is Gaj Kesari Yoga common? Gajakesari Yoga is not as rare compared to the other Raj Yogas since two out of three people have this. However, it is the position of the planets in the favourable houses which determines its potential and benefits.

Gaj Kesari Yoga In Astrology | Fact of Gaj Kesari Yog | Jupiter & Moon Conjunction

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